Get your all Inclusive Deal

We pride ourselves with the mission of finding the most suitable solution for you. Please get in touch via the web form so we can contact you for a detailed needs analysis. We will work out a plan with you and install and configure your server according to your usecase requirements.

Our Service includes:

  • SERVER INSTALLATION: The cy:on will be your new digital home for you, your organisation, your company and your friends. It will run under your own DOMAINNAME.
  • We will work out a USER CONCEPT with you. Your instalation allows unlimited number of ACCOUNTS/ Matrix-IDs (
  • We will install and configure BRIDGES (allowing permanent connection to other Networks (z.B. Slack, Teams, Telegram, WhatsApp)) and BOTS (for automated processes (f.e. moderations, reminders or as a support bot)) as your communication concept requires.
  • We will help you choosing and install whatever WEBCLIENT proves to be best matching your usecase. (Own branding is possible, but an extra service).
  • We will help you choose and configure all required functional services such as videoconferencing or collaborative tools, according to need, avalability and compatibility.
  • Your servers will be hosted in german data centers. We will make sure all installed components are up to date. We are also available to you should there be technical problems or questions.
  • For any over-the-ordinary consultation need, such as migration of existing communication tools (f.e. Slack, Teams, Telegram, WhatsApp), training your staff or assisting you with the in-house change management, please ask us for an estimate.