As datanauts,
we love computers

Computers enrich our daily life, they enable us to be creative, productive and connected. Digitalisation and automation allow us to fulfil tasks which are beyond the capabilities of the human brain. Huge storage capabilities allow us to collect, store and exchange data, information and knowledge beyond imagination.

As datanauts,
we believe in communication

Communication is the foundation of all human relationships. We get to know and relate to each other, learn about and understand one another. In communication we have the opportunity to discover similarities, find common ground, ideally, experience some kind of “oneness”. In Communication, we can think, feel, even be together.

As datanauts,
we care to share

We believe that sharing experiences, information, data and knowledge makes us richer, the receiver as well as the sender (mentally, emotionally and ultimately spiritually).

We therefore make it our goal to enable people to communicate and for information (and ultimately Software) to float freely.

As datanauts,
we have a mission

We want to connect people, not collect them. We want to enable them to use sovereign digital infrastructure powered by free software, which is owned, controlled and shaped by its users according to their needs and wishes.

… and therefore

• We are committed to free software (which is open to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve for everyone and forever).

• Our service is to set up and adapt this free software for your specific needs.

• You will never be dependent on us as a supplier or caught in a bottleneck because all software and data belongs to you.